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Research shows this is one of the BEST ways to track your food Oct 17, 2023

One of the best nutrition strategies you can use?

Taking photos of your meals.

While simple in application, meal photos can provide a wealth of insight into your eating habits.

One of my favorite...

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Why Earthing Can Reduce Pain & Increase Energy & My Battle-Tested Fitness Protocols To Tone Up While Traveling Oct 13, 2023

What a month.

We spent the past week packing non-stop over the weekend and during the evenings.

I had just got back from LA after speaking at the SoCal VegFest and off the tailend of our honeymoon...

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How To Lose Weight AND Keep it Off (3 Proven Methods On Vegan Diet) letters Oct 10, 2023

I just back from Hawaii a few weeks ago.

My wife Anna and I went for a VERY belated honeymoon (4 years past due).

When we first got married nearly 4 years ago, the world shutdown 4 weeks after we...

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