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Hi - I'm Gabriel Zhanay and I help plant based leaders own their health & life.

Our planet needs change makers - here's why your health is the most valuable investment you'll ever make: 


An Open Letter To Plant Based Leaders 

 Being a high performance vegan is about embracing our impact.

We approach our life from the lens of compassion and ask how can we influence others in a positive way and uplift each person rather than being judgmental and create walls. 

The high performance vegan doesn't ask: "how can I make more people plant based?"

They ask: "how can I lead an extraordinary and healthy life by example that by default inspires curiosity from others". 

It's not about trying to force anyone to do anything. 

It's about inspiring curiosity with our actions. 

We keep our health and fitness simple and practical --> prioritizing mental health, physical strength, and longevity each day.

For high performance vegans, health is truly our first wealth. 

It's what fuels our work, impact, and communities. 

At the end of the day what binds us together is a simple goal:

Achieve the health & fitness freedom to live an extraordinary life and lead by example. 


Here's 3 ways we can help you:

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The High Performance Vegan Letters 

Master The 3 Key Macros and My Top 5+ Nutrition FAQ’s

Jul 08, 2024

Freedom to live in your best health.

Freedom to lead by example.

Freedom to create the plant-based impact you deserve.


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