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Welcome! My name is Gabriel and my wife Anna and I help lead Vegan Fitness Redefined where we help vegans tone up, get strong, and step forward as role models of health. 

Our speaking and media appearances range from VegFests, podcasts, and FB group interviews from topics like 'How To Tone Up as a Vegan' to 'Breaking Free from The Perfectionist Fitness Mindset' along with countless other topics on health, fitness, inner work, and leadership development. 

Health & fitness is our birthright.

Our mission is to help vegans lead by example. 

Video Media 

Official Bio

Vegan Fitness Redefined brings a blended approach to coaching with vegan nutrition, fitness, and cutting edge mindset strategies to help vegan professionals and entrepreneurs get in the best shape possible.

VFR is uniquely positioned to help lead and coach on mindset, personal growth, and health & fitness development using 20+ years of evidence-based practice.

Our mission here at Vegan Fitness Redefined is to create a ripple effect that inspires 1 billion people to become vegan.

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Sample Topics include

  • How to eat healthy and simplify vegan nutrition even as a busy entrepreneur
  • How to lift weights and tone up while getting strong in a sustainable way
  • How to manage your health & fitness on the go even while leading your team
  • ​How to lead by example as vegan health & fitness role model
  • ​How to break free from the perfectionist mentality while creating life-long health
  • ​The exact roadmap we teach our students to drop weight and inches while keeping it off

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If you're interested in contacting us for speaking, writing, or media engagement, please touch base at for more information. :)