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The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen - Should You Stop Eating Fruits and Vegetables? May 17, 2024

Most fitness journeys are lonely.

Especially as vegans.

There just aren't enough vegans (yet) who care about the planet, animals, AND their health.

But we’re a growing tribe.

A few weeks ago,...

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Breakthrough Self-Sabotage in 20 Minutes or Less letters May 14, 2024

Nearly every week, I speak to students about this topic.

In fact, it’s the most common topic that gets brought up repeatedly.

The topic?

How to create a strong mind that works in your favor.

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Mobility vs Flexibility, Warm-Up & Cooldown Routines, and Lift Heavier Using This Technique letters May 10, 2024

Being an athlete, I’ve always valued mobility.

But it wasn’t until the past decade that I started to notice my mobility diminish.

While it’s easy to blame age and getting older,...

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How To Create Your 5 Year Fitness Vision letters May 07, 2024

Can you get healthy without goals?

Can you get fit without a vision?


Does having a vision and goals help speed up your progress?

Most definitely.

A goal is nothing more than...

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Get Lean With Habit Stacking, Build Sustainable Routines, and Become a Health Scientist letters May 03, 2024

The past 3 weeks have been eye-opening for me.

My habits. Routines. Practices.

They’ve all been put to the test.

With our son born mid April, I’ve had to completely revamp my entire...

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Can You Drink Alcohol and Still Be Healthy? letters Apr 30, 2024

I stopped drinking alcohol 4.5 years ago.

I was tired of giving into social pressure when going out.

I also didn’t enjoy how I felt after drinking alcohol.

As an introvert growing up, alcohol...

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How Much Water Do You Need, Is Lemon Water Good For You, and Should You Space out Your Meals and Fluids letters Apr 25, 2024

April 9th was the most intense day of my life.

A day filled with joy. Excitement. Terror. Trauma. Sadness. Happiness.

I became a father on April 9th at 6:10am.

Our newest addition to our family -...

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The Difference Between Deep Health & ā€˜Being Fitā€™ letters Apr 22, 2024

Is being fit and strong enough for the modern human?

Or are there deeper layers of health within us?

Growing up as an athlete in a military household, I learned quickly to suppress my emotions.


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Create a High Performance Sleep Foundation, Design Your Sleep Routine, and A Starter ToolKit To Get Started letters Apr 19, 2024

One area that I’ve tried to sacrifice in my health?

My sleep.

Over the past decade, I’ve experimented and tested out different strategies with my sleep.

Sleeping less.

Sleeping more.


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Struggling To Drop Pounds and Tone Up? Use This Checklist: letters Apr 16, 2024

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with 100’s of humans in-person and online.

Coaching others in their health and fitness has taught me several things, but one in particular:

Each of...

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Does Cardio Help Burn Fat, Should You Walk More, and How To Balance Weightlifting With Cardio letters Apr 11, 2024

Nearly 4.5 months into 2024.

2.5 months away from summer.

How far have you come along in your health so far?

Have you made progress?

Or maybe regressed or struggled?

There’s no right or wrong...

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2 Fitness Laws That 98% of Vegans Donā€™t Use Consistently letters Apr 09, 2024

‘Why can’t I change my body?’

That’s what I used to think.

I’d go to the gym for months and see little to no changes.

It wasn’t for lack of trying.

I was...

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