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The Nutrient We All Need, How To Fall Asleep Faster, and One Kitchen Tool For Fat-Loss Success

letters Jul 04, 2024

Imagine yourself 12 months from now.

It’s mid 2025.

You’re lean.

Strong. Confident. Focused.

You have day-long energy.

You’re able to achieve your goals in work, life, and health with ease.

You have ample time to spend with your family and friends.

You work to add value, not to pursue a paycheck.

Your health and energy are at optimal levels.

How would this feel?

What would your life look like?

What kind of person would you be?

Who would you inspire?

I’ve been reflecting on the power of our mind, recently.

The incredible power that’s within our grasp.

We all have the ability to shape reality.

To create the life of our dreams.

To live in our best health.

And yes, there are dark forces that are working against us fulfilling our potential as humans.

But there’s also complacency that sinks in as we get older.

As we stop believing in ourselves.

To be a human is a miracle.

It’s a gift to have the abilities that we hold within ourselves.

But a gift by itself does nothing.

We must learn how to unwrap the gift, use it, and apply it daily.

Your mind can shape your life.

You can create your best health and body.

It’s your birthright.

Go out there and reclaim what’s always been yours.

Lesson: What you focus on expands. Positive or negative. Without a vision, our dreams perish.

Here's Your 1-3-1 Friday:

#1.) The Nutrient We All Need

The biggest argument against plant-based eaters?

‘You’ll be deficient in B12’.

‘You can only get B12 from meat and animals’.

The truth?

B12 is a vitamin created by bacteria in the soil.

This is absorbed by plants which is later consumed by animals.

We then eat animals to get the vitamin.

So instead of consuming the middle guys (animals), we can circumnavigate the process and get B12 right from the source.

However, there’s only one problem.

Our soil is continuously being depleted of its nutrition.

Due to extreme and unsustainable farming practices to produce more meat, we’re directly harming the soil and natural ecosystems that have cyclical processes in place that restore the soil’s minerals.

Yet, we’re ignoring these cycles.

By pushing more and more, we’re creating more destruction.

Meat eater or vegan - we’re ALL depleted of B12.

It’s not just a plant-based concern.

Nearly everyone on this planet is deficient in B12 and Zinc.

Today’s letter will discuss B12 and its importance on health.

Here’s some of the benefits that B12 gives us:

  • A high-quality B-12 that contains both adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin is a valuable supplement for someone suffering with any neurological symptom or condition
  • Essential for fighting fatigue and promoting energy production
  • B12 works inside the mitochondria (the tiny power plants inside our cells) to help produce the energy the body needs to thrive
  • Vital nutrient for supporting health of the nerves and brain
  • B12 is needed for many aspects of nerve cell activity. It is deeply involved with nerve cell health, communication, and function
  • Foundational nutrient for supporting robust health
  • B12 is a vital part of processes like nerve function, cell metabolism, producing healthy red blood cells, supporting DNA production, and more

Even with modern B12 tests, it’s hard to detect B12 deficiencies.

We need the right kind of B12 combination to get the benefits above.

When was the last time you felt radiant health…

Or noticed someone else living like this?

It’s a rare thing to see a healthy, happy human.

I don’t believe most of what the supplement industry promotes.

However, for the past 3 years, I’ve been testing Vimergy’s B12.

It’s one of the purest forms of B12 and has zero fillers or binders.

As a rule of thumb, in order for a supplement to have a high level of efficacy, it shouldn’t have 20 different vitamins.

The best supplements are single ingredient with a bit of glucose (glucose or carbs helps transfer vitamins and minerals faster to the cells).

If you want to order B12 to protect your family’s health, this is the same brand I’ve used to support my family. 

(credit to A.W. for B12 notes above).

#2.) How To Fall Asleep Faster

For years, going to bed early was a challenge for me.

My mind used to race for hours on end.

It was difficult to fall asleep.

Yet, the impact on my health, work, and routines suffered.

Until, I started to read.

Interestingly. adding reading to my evening routine changed things.

Reading has well-known benefits.

But one of the not so well known benefits is the added relaxation right before you sleep.

But should you read from your Kindle or book?

If you want the full benefits, I’d suggest opting for the book.

Another reason why reading hard books is better for falling asleep faster is due to melatonin production.

Our circadian rhythm is thrown out of sync when we are exposed to blue light from electronic devices.

The evening time is sacred time to protect ourselves from blue light exposure.

Reading solves several problems at once.

It relaxes your mind.

It protects you from blue light.

It also enhances creativity, knowledge, and insights.

Our mental agility and creativity is stimulated which can help our physical body relax and release stress from the day.

It also slows down our breathing.

When we watch tv or movies, we engage with the drama on the screen.

This can disconnect us from our bodies.

Reading non-fiction (fiction can have a similar effect as tv), is a simple way to reconnect with your body.

You can enhance your reading habit and have a pen and journal nearby.

This allows you to learn and write down insights as they come up, enhancing your relaxation time.

Try reading in the evening.

See how this impacts your sleep.

#3.) One Kitchen Tool For Fat-Loss Success

If you want to drop body fat, you need this tool.

A digital food scale.

Having a food scale is not the end all be all.

However, depending on your nutrition knowledge and experience, it can be a powerful tool.

Here’s why:

  • More accurate measurements: Food scales can measure ingredients to the gram or fluid ounce, which is more accurate than measuring cups or spoons. Measuring cups and spoons can vary in accuracy depending on the manufacturer, style, and even the person using them.
  • Better portion control: Using a food scale can help you understand what you're putting into your body and reach your goals sooner.
  • Easier cooking: You don't need multiple measuring cups or spoons to get the right amount of each ingredient.
  • Helps with tracking calories and macros: A good-quality food scale can make it easier to track calories and macros.
  • Can help with mindless eating: Using a food scale can encourage you to be more mindful of what you're eating.

A food scale is even more important if you’re unaware of your eating patterns (which most of us are).

Unless you’ve been tracking your nutrition for years and know how to accurately eyeball your food portions, most of us need to start from level 1.

As you continue to level up and progress in your nutrition, graduating to level 2, which is intuitive nutrition tracking, becomes possible.

External tracking lets us master our internal regulation systems.

It also highlights the truths that your current eating habits hold.

The more clarity you can bring to your nutrition and what/how much/how you’re eating, the faster you can see sustainable and permanent progress.

You can invest in a good food scale for under $10 on amazon.

Upgrade your kitchen and turbo boost fat-loss success using this tool.

1 Action Step

Add reading for 10 minutes to your evening routine. Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier. Treat your sleep as the sacred recovery time it already is.

One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“Many things – such as loving, going to sleep, or behaving unaffectedly – are done worst when we try hardest to do them.”
– C.S. Lewis

Traveling to Poland in a few weeks.

Love spending time in Europe.

Homemade plant based pierogies - here I come.

- Gabriel

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