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How To Create Your 5 Year Fitness Vision

letters May 07, 2024

Can you get healthy without goals?

Can you get fit without a vision?


Does having a vision and goals help speed up your progress?

Most definitely.

A goal is nothing more than a target that gives you something to aim for.

A vision is your north star that allows you to know if you’re headed the right direction.

For years, my health & fitness was aimless.

I just worked out. Tracked my macros.

Yet, over the past decade, I’ve put structure into my fitness design.

Created clarity around my health vision.

More than any health & fitness strategy I’ve used to lift heavier, track better, having a health vision for my body has been a game changer.

It’s part of why I’ve become so consistent with my health & fitness habits over the past 10 years.

I know exactly where I want to go with my health over the next 20 years.

I know how I want my body, energy, and fitness to look each day.

I also know the PRICE that’s required to actualize this vision.

I’m also willing to pay this emotional, mental, physical, and financial price.


Because I also know what I do NOT want.

And I know the price I’m NOT willing to pay for my anti-vision (the vision of things I do NOT want to occur).

Let’s dive into creating your health & fitness vision.

#1.) Your Health & Fitness Vision

Knowing what you want and where you want to go is crucial.


Because without a vision, you’ll eventually regress and go backward.

Part of why it’s easy to slip back and lose momentum is NOT having a clear vision.

While other factors are important in not making consistent progress, a clear vision is a prerequisite for life-long health and fitness.

So, what’s your vision?

Use the following questions below to clarify your vision:

  1. What’s your vision for your health & body over the next 5 years? (how do you look, feel, move, etc.)
  2. Why is this important? Expand and go 3-4 levels deep with your motivations here.
  3. What would a perfect day in your ideal body, health, and mind look like for you? Describe this in detail.
  4. How would you know your identity has changed permanently and you’ve become the person you want to be? Be detailed here.
  5. What are 1-2 BIG accomplishments you’d like to see over the next 5 years within your health, body, and mind? Why?

Here’s an example of my personal health & fitness vision I wrote at the end of last year:

You’ll notice that I’m specific with my vision above.

I know exactly what my vision consists of.

I’d recommend taking the time to envision this for yourself.

Without a vision - we don’t do well.

Take the time to explore your highest vision of your health for yourself.

The ROI is priceless on doing this kind of exercise.

Note: Visualization for several days and reflecting on this can be a powerful way of connecting deeply with your vision too.

#2.) Your 12 Month Goals

From your 5 year vision above, you can move into the second part of this exercise.

Go through the following questions and answer:

  1. What’s my health and body goal over the next 12 months? What would excite me to jump out of bed?
  2. Why is this important? How would this change my life?
  3. What are potential obstacles that can block me from reaching my goals?
  4. Who do I need to become to reach this goal?
  5. What do I need to do to reach this goal?

Once your vision is clear, setting your annual and quarterly goals becomes much easier.

You know where you want to go.

Now it’s just about charting a course to get there.

Goal-setting is often overcomplicated.

Keep it simple when writing out your goals.

Start with the first quarter and write out the key objectives you’ll need to hit in Q1 to make progress towards your yearly goal.

For example, if your goal is to drop 30 lbs for the year, your first quarter can focus on dropping your first 12 lbs (1 lb per week).

You can also add in doing 3-4 strength workouts per week, tracking your nutrition 5 days a week, and getting 7.5+ hours of sleep per night as part of your quarterly goals.

Know the results you want first.

Then identify the behaviors that will lead you to the outcomes you want.

Rinse and repeat each quarter and year.

Your vision comes to life when you take daily action.

#3.) Your Tribe of Mentors

You can go fast alone.

Or you can go far together.

As you continue to develop and grow, you’ll find that having the right tribe and community around you makes all the difference.

As much as I’ve tried to do things myself - it hasn’t worked out for long.

As the saying goes, “We become the sum result of the 5 people closest to us.”

Who are you allowing to influence your life?

Who are you permitting to impact your goals?

And who will you learn from to actualize your vision and goals into reality?

Reflect on this.

If you complete the two exercises above - your life will change.

And you’ll become part of the 3% of humans who have a clear vision and goals.

Now go put it into action. 🙂

- Gabriel

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