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3 Ways To Increase Your Longevity

letters Jun 10, 2024

The average person is unhappy.

They’re also unhealthy and overweight.

It’s estimated that by 2030, over 50% of Americans will be overweight or obese.

The rest of the world is following close behind (including countries like the UK, Canada, etc).

Why is our society’s health at such a low level?

There’s a few reasons:

1. We no longer move as much as we used to. The average desk worker sits at their desk for 6-8 hours a day (that average is usually much higher).

2. We’ve disconnected with our food sources and eat chemically laden foods and water which our bodies were never meant to consume.

Not to mention the fact that nearly every animal product feeds and supports different bugs, viruses, and parasites that are plaguing our species.

3. We’re so out of tune with our thoughts and emotions and live out most of our days ignoring our trauma and suppressed emotions which leads to a never-ending cycle of anxiety, food disorders, and self-sabotage.

I’ve lived through all three of the challenges presented above.

I’ve spent hours seated all day (especially when I used to work as a limo driver).

I’ve eaten junk food, animal products, and chemically laden drinks for many years.

I’ve suppressed my emotions and thoughts while ignoring my own trauma.

The goal is to raise awareness.

Awareness is the first step to lasting transformation.

And transformation is what we’re all seeking.

The ability to grow and become something more.

Part of Maslow’s pyramid identifies this core desire inside of us.

What was interesting when Maslow was doing his research on humans looking for different test groups to work with was an accidental insight he stumbled across:

He couldn’t find a large enough group of healthy, positive-thinking humans to work with.

He found plenty of test groups with humans with mental disorders, illnesses, and mental challenges.

But he couldn’t find enough people with positive mental health.

This was decades ago.

Do you think we’re improved as a species?

Or has things gotten worse?

Taking ownership of our life can be challenging.

Yet, in a society which values disease, disorder, and limitations, we need to stand up.

And only you and I can do this for ourselves.

So here’s 3 ways you can increase your longevity and quality of life:

#1 Qi Gong

Qi Gong is one of the world’s oldest energy practices. It’s also one of the simplest ways to release stress (in minutes) while reclaiming extra years.

Did you know that Qi Gong can also increase your longevity?

Here’s some background info from Cleveland Clinc:

“Qigong originated in China about 4,000 years ago.

It is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles, which state that qi, or energy, is present in everyone’s body.

“According to TCM principles, a person’s qi must flow throughout the body in order for people to feel their best,”

Dr. Lin explains. “If qi becomes stagnant in a certain area, health problems can occur.”

Qigong uses simple poses and breathing patterns to promote a healthy flow and reduce stagnation of qi.

Proper flow of qi can help the body engage its own healing processes. The literal translation of qigong is “to work with qi.”

In other words, it’s the practice of working with your own energy.

As humans we’re bioelectrical creatures.

We literally can light up an entire city with the energy in our palms.

Don’t believe me?

Test out your energy abilities for yourself.

(great demo by Lee Holden on 3 best exercises to reverse aging)

Here’s a few more benefits from Qi Gong:

  • Regulate physiological systems: Qigong can affect physiological systems like heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and hormone levels, and may help with chronic inflammation.
  • Improve balance: Qigong can help you become more aware of your body's alignment, which can improve your physical balance.
  • Boost the immune system: Qigong can help keep your immune system strong.
  • Improve mood: Qigong can help improve negative emotions and moods, and may even help with insomnia and depression.
  • Speed recovery: Qigong can help speed up recovery from injury.
  • Help with chronic health problems: Qigong has been shown to help with a variety of chronic health problems, including high blood pressure, asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even cancer.

If you want to live longer, practice Qi Gong daily.

#2 Eat whole foods

Next on the list is eating whole foods from our soil.

Fruits, vegetables, and foods from the soil are the most nutrient dense on the planet.

A cup of wild blueberries has more nutrition than the average American meal.

So why does eating whole foods help increase longevity?

Two reasons:

  • You aren’t eating animal products which feed bugs, viruses, and parasites
  • You’re not eating GMO or processed foods that are laden with chemicals never meant to be eaten

Fruits in particular are anti-aging.

They slow down and even reverse the aging process because of the high amount of antioxidants available per bite.

What are antioxidants?

They’re molecules that fight free radicals (free radicals are unstable compounds that damage cells and DNA = aka they increase aging speed).

Antioxidants are like little warriors that go to war and fight against the invader free radicals that bombard us.

The more antioxidants you eat - the better your quality of life and longer you’ll live (while looking younger too).

Eat your fruits and vegetables every day.

(Bonus: Wash your produce thoroughly or buy organic if possible to reduce pesticide consumption; or grow your food as an alternative).

#3 Lift weights

Lifting weights has been shown to have numerous benefits:

  • Strength training can help you build muscle, which can improve your ability to move, lift heavy objects, and exert strength.
  • It can also help you maintain better balance and posture, and increase your bone density and strength.
  • Strength training can also help improve your heart health by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and improving blood circulation.
  • It can also help you control blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism, which can help you burn more calories and lose fat.
  • Strength training can help improve your mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and boost your self-esteem. It can also help you sleep better and avoid insomnia.
  • Strength training can improve your range of motion, mobility, and muscle function, which can reduce your risk of injury by up to 33%.
  • Strength training can also help you prevent or control chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and back pain.

That’s great news.

But what about for longevity and living a higher quality of life?

A new study in older adults shows that adults who did strength training for at least 2 or more days had a significantly lower risk of dying.

When strength training 2x a week or more was paired with 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise, the risk dropped by 30%.

It’s also possible that with consistent strength training we can reverse our biological age by nearly a decade according to the Exercise Coach. 

There’s a ton of benefits from lifting weights.

And you can use all three of these ways to increase your longevity and quality of life starting this week.

Onwards to your best health. 💪


- Gabriel

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