Sebastiaan Molenaar, Sales Manager & Musician

"The first thing I noticed is how good Gabriel is in listening... he seems to make complicated situations simple and understandable, and therefore actionable.

He really ‘lifts the fog’ so to speak, and provides the clarity and action steps YOU need to become successful."

Laura McManus
Co-Founder for SoCal VegFest & Vegan Printer

"I have had personal trainers and coaches before, bought online programs but nothing like this. Gabriel offers inspiration, support, comprehensive knowledge to help me develop better vegan fitness nutrition & advance my mental mindset to help me succeed even more in my tennis matches/tournaments."

Lisa C. Entrepreneur & Consultant

"Unlike others, Gabriel and his team takes a holistic approach to include nutrition, fitness, and also mindset training which is the key and often block many of us have. I was able to become consistent with so many habits with their guidance."

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