Calling all vegans:
Are You Ready To become a role model of health?

Use our 5-Step Process To Build Lean Muscle, Drop Inches, and Reclaim Your Health & Strength While Becoming A Vegan Example of Health

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Dear vegan sibling,

Although we may have never have met, there's a few things we might have in common: 

✅We love serving others with our vegan mission, value life, and want to become our best self. 

⛔️Not feeling like we're in our best health and putting others first (work, animals, family, etc). 

We're familiar with both. 

Which is why it's our committment here at Vegan Fitness Redefined to create a ripple effect that inspires 1 billion people to become vegan.

Which is why we're committed to helping vegans learn how to:

✅How to drop 10-20 pounds of stubborn fat WITHOUT spending countless hours in the gym and kitchen.

✅How to pack on 5-10 pounds of lean, rock-hard muscle (while staying lean year-round) even if you're not sure how to hit your vegan macros.

✅How to transform into positive vegan health and fitness inspiration for your community. 

✅How to create unshakeable confidence in your health and fitness. 

It's our birthright to be healthy, strong, and fit - yet we live in a society where chronic illness is the new 'normal', 50% of Americans will be obese by 2030, and exercising and eating healthy foods is 'weird'. 

Let's turn this around.

So What are Our results?

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So quick story. 

Even though I grew up as an athlete and was involved in sports since 5, I never truly felt confident in my body.

Even though I identified as an ‘athlete’ and even trained like one for over two decades, there was a disconnect between what my body looked like and what I imagined it could look like.

I've been an athlete for over 25 years and lifting weights for over 13 years.

Yet, 5 years ago was a pivotal moment for me.

Although I was consistent with my workouts - I never felt like my body looked like I 'actually' worked out.

Becoming vegan changed a LOT for me.

I began to see the interconnection between all beings, food, and our planet.

I woke up one morning while living in Bristol, United Kingdom and I remember strolling past our bedroom mirror.

⛔️Looking at my belly in the mirror and realizing that it looked 3 months pregnant.

⛔️I felt like my chest was more jiggly rather than strong.

⛔️I was embarrassed when my friends made fun of my weight.

⛔️I was struggling with feeling incongruent as a vegan athlete.

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I had tried working out 4x weekly, tracking my workouts, tracking my food, adding more vegan protein, and sleeping more.

I felt annoyed because I was doing my workouts, tracking nutrition, yet I felt like I was moving further away from my best vegan body.

I also had put on 30 pounds of fat which I told myself was lean muscle (even though my stomach had gotten bigger over the past 2 years).

I knew I needed support and accountability but I felt resistant because I felt like I knew it all.


'I Had enough.'


And I stopped and reached out to a mentor who could support me in my fitness journey.

After working with countless mentors in my health and fitness and investing thousands of dollars into my health & fitness the past 7 years, I’ve realized that 'you can’t change what you don’t know.'

I was:

🛑Trying to put together my workouts, make up nutrition plans for myself, and hold myself accountable. 

🛑Doing 4-5 workouts per week, reduce my favorite foods, yet feeling burned out.

🛑Listening to too many different health & fitness 'experts' without choosing one option that worked for my life

🛑Making myself feel bad for not reaching my health goals and feeling like I was showing up as a poor example of veganism. 

🛑Sacrificing my career and health goals by feeling overwhelmed and wanting to quit. 

So here’s how you can avoid the same mistakes and shortcut your fitness and health using our proprietary VFR Accelerator Program.

Vegan Fitness Redefined Accelerator 2.0 Program

Ines dropped over 10 kg and 5 inches off her waist even as a busy plant-based mother and animal health professional (working 40+ hr weeks & taking night classes). 

Katie dropped over 40+ lbs while recovering from surgery, teaching music classes, and running her weekly animal activism tasks.

Sebastiaan dropped over 10 kg and 4 inches from his waist even as a busy sales manager, new father, and traveling on holidays with his family. 

Jamie dropped 35 lbs and 4.5 inches from his waist even while working 50-60 hr weeks as a postal office worker, husband, and having a family member pass away.

Nathan dropped 50 lbs (*current update) and 6 inches from his waist even while running a multi-million national cleaning company and being a father of four. 

Antoinette dropped 20 lbs and 3 inches from her waist even as a vegan artist, animal lover, and in the midst of moving to a new house. 

Jen built 5 lbs of muscle while toning up her body and increasing her strength by 50% on squat, deadlift, and bench press - even as a single mom of twins, executive leader, and sports coach. 

Maggie dropped 4 inches from her waist and 10 lbs while doubling her strength by 125% as a new athlete even as a busy mom, wife, and vegan activist. 

Neveen dropped 22 inches across her entire body and 9 inches from her waist and dropping 15 lbs even as a busy manager and taking care of her family.

Francis dropped 30 lbs and 5 inches from his waist while building 6 lbs of muscle even as a busy pyschologist, community leader, and father.

Our mission here at Vegan Fitness Redefined is to create a ripple effect that inspires 1 billion people to become vegan. 

Our Accelerator Program is all about specialized guidance, 1-1 coaching, and mentorship.

In your journey, we'll help you accelerate past all the pitfalls, mental obstacles, and physical challenges you’ll inevitably face.

Here's how it works.

Vegan Fitness Redefined 5-Step Process:

✅Rewire your mindset around health & fitness

✅Setup an unbreakable accountability system

✅Setup a highly tailored nutrition & food system

✅Setup a specialized workout system

✅Create a cycle of wins week after week

How We Deliver on On Our 5-Step System

#1: World-class Curriculum

✔️Get access to our exact vegan health & fitness blueprint to help you shred fat, tone up, and build muscle while reclaiming your energy and strength each day. 

✔️You'll also get access to our exact curriculum & roadmap (that we've used successfully to coach 100's of vegans worldwide) and hold you accountable each step of the way.

✔️Ongoing education with every aspect of your fitness program explained beginning with an 1:1 onboarding session to explain your theory behind your plan, results expected, as well as the methodology behind your unique health blueprint.

✔️Monthly review sessions to review each your progress each month using our popular 1:1 VFR coaching process. 

#2 Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

✔️We invested over $100,000 the past 5 years on learning the best health, fitness, and nutrition strategies on the planet and when you work with us, you’ll receive unlimited 1-on-1 access to our team to get insight & feedback on your health & fitness in real time. 

✔️We pride ourselves on our coaching - which is why our 1:1 coaching & weekly group coaching model is one of the BEST in the industry (listen to our VFR Success Stories above). 

Coaching means something special for our VFR Team. 

'It means seeing something within someone else, that they can't even see within themselves - then helping them draw forth their potential.'

Our mission is to help you get the EXACT result you want.

✔️As part of your VFR coaching experience you'll also work 1:1 with one of our world-class vegan coaches who's number one aim is to hold you accountable & guide you towards your health & fitness goals. 

#3 Training Classes

✔️As if unlimited 1-on-1 coaching wasn’t enough, you can also tune into our 3 live group coaching classes each week. Every week we cover topics ranging from vegan nutrition and macros, to deep health, sleep and stress management, mindset and personal development, and much more. 

✔️Mindset is one of the KEY areas that's overlooked in health & fitness - which is why every week we teach you our exact strategies to help level up your fitness mindset and feel confident that you'll never go backwards in your health again (our Accelerator Mindset Class is one of our most popular classes).

✔️ You'll also gain access to our massively popular 'VFR Replay Vault' which has 100's of hours of saved trainings which can help you shortcut YEARS off of your learning curve while getting leaner, stronger, and healthier. 

'Educate means to develop within'

100% Results Guarantee

We Take All The Risk - You Just Do The Work

Our VFR Promise: If you commit to exactly what we teach you and you follow our instructions within 90% accuracy - we guarantee that you'll hit your fitness goal OR we keep working with you for FREE until you do. 

That's how confident we are that our Accelerator 2.0 Program WILL get you to your best vegan self. 

- Gabriel & VFR Team

#4 VFR Community

✔️We have vegan students worldwide: Over 8+ countries served (and going). Many of our students and clients have forged life-long friendships from being part of our community and LOVE meeting other vegan leaders. 

'You are the sum result of the 5 people closest to you'. 

Part of what makes us so successful is our committment to life-long health & fitness. 

✔️Using our 4-phase system (from habit development to identity transformation) has allowed us to teach our students not only how to lose weight and get fit but also how to keep their results for years or decades.

✔️Each year we also have 1-2 VFR Community Meet-ups to celebrate each other, enjoy good vegan food, and enjoy health & fitness activities (*free ticket to annual meet-ups as part your tuition). 

#5 Handcrafted fitness & nutrition plans

✔️Specialized workouts and exercises

97% of workout plans fail because they're generic. Whether you're traveling, working out from home, or working out at local gym - EVERY workout is made for you and individualized from reps, sets, and specific exercises (whether you're a seasoned lifter or novice gym-goer). 

✔️Achieve Multiple Fitness Goals

Whether you're aiming to drop fat and weight or build muscle and strength - our speciality is crafting a handmade fitness plan that lets you feel confident with the results you're creating. We eliminate the confusion and give you the exact vegan fitness blueprint for your body - you just execute. 

✔️Individualized Caloric Goals & Macronutrients

Each day's caloric intake and macronutrient split will reflect your unique body type and the workout you'll be doing each day while helping you feel confident you're maximizing your nutrient intake and getting leaner and stronger each week. 

✔️Nutritional Guidance & Coaching 

Part of our success at VFR is teaching our students what foods to eat, how much, and when to eat. We teach you how to create a powerful nutrition system without giving up your favorite vegan foods or feeling restricted. 

✔️We also teach you our signature cooking strategies and weekly shopping lists to make your nutrition planner easy to follow and avoid falling off track with your nutrition (even on the go). 

Application Process

1. You apply below

We want to help every vegan - but we have an application process. 

Part of why we're able to create such rapid success with our clients is our committment to highly-tailored plans that WORK (which means both you and us need to do the work). 

So in order to be considered follow step 2 below. 

2. Schedule your VFR Gameplan Session

Regardless of whether we work together or not, our aim is to OVERDELIVER and give you so much value on this free coaching session that you'd have a clear roadmap on what to do next.

Next Steps

So should you apply?

If you’re a vegan or aspiring vegan who relates to:

✅Compassion & becoming your best self

✅Learning & being highly coachable

✅Financially stable & see your health as an investment

✅Wants to become a healthy, fit vegan role model 

Then, we might be a good fit. 

But a word of caution...


⛔️You’re not 100% committed to your vegan health & fitness

⛔️You’re not coachable (and don’t like learning)

⛔️You’re not financially stable and see your health as an expense

⛔️You’re not fun, aren’t resourceful, and don’t like growth

But if you’re ready to take action then:

Let us point you in the right direction and guide you step-by-step to help you become your best vegan self.

To your health and fitness.

With compassion,
Gabriel & VFR Team